Introductory Post

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Hello and welcome to Lofty Music and Film, your one stop shop for all my unsolicited opinions about the latest in the worlds of rock, metal and films. Not forgetting lyrics that made me laugh, my albums and films of the year, and a round up of my Ghost Cult Magazine reviews. Basically it is just like my previous blog Inner Musings of an Imbecile, but with a new look and a new name.

As such I will still be ranking things out of ten, with my score guide being:

  • 0 – why did you bother?
  • 1 – abysmal
  • 2 – terrible
  • 3 – bad
  • 4 – poor
  • 5 – average
  • 6 – fair
  • 7 – good
  • 8 – great
  • 9 – brilliant
  • 10 – superb


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