Deadpool 2

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Sequels are a funny beast. Do you just rehash the original or do you change things up? For Deadpool 2 they’ve opted for the safer, rehashing option but this time with David Leitch (Atomic Blonde) sat on the directors chair. Hell with Box Office results for the first one totaling $783.1 million worldwide – the highest grossing R rated film ever – you cannot really blame them, if it aint broke don’t fix it.

Cable (Josh Brolin) is a cyborg who has travelled back in time to kill young mutant Firefist (Julian Dennison). Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) recruits a team of fellow mutants and Peter (Rob Delaney), cunningly titled the X-Force, to stop his dastardly plan. Yes I know the story is not the main draw of the film but it is so disappointingly bland that it zaps your interest. Thankfully the humour and the impressive amounts of gore perk you back up, limbs and heads are severed with gleeful abandon.

DC barbs, Marvel jokes and the obligatory Wolverine obsession return with a passion, along with a wonderfully risque Basic Instinct gag, a humorous Bond style opening sequence and even a Robocop joke or two for good measure. The best bit though without a shadow doubt is the end credit skit, definitely worth staying for. Although it is guilty of milking things, focusing on certain jokes to an almost embarrassing degree.

All this zany humour is done to the tune of yet another eclectic soundtrack, from DMX and Skrillex to AC/DC, a-ha, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton and Cher. It does have a more traditional soundtrack as well, done by previous Leitch collaborator Tyler Bates, with my personal favourite track being the utterly inspired ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother F*****’.

6/10 –  A blood splattered and humorous two hours of knob gags and pop culture references that fans will lap up, even if it does remind you of the law of diminishing returns.

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