The Perfection

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From director Richard Shepard, whose varied C.V. includes the Jude Law Dom Hemingway film to Ugly Betty, comes the psychological horror The Perfection. We start with Charlotte (Allison Williams) a former cello protege who was forced to take a decade out to look after her bed ridden mother. After her mums passing, Charlotte reconnects with her old music academy Bachoff and after meeting the new, world famous protege Lizzie (Logan Browning) things start to unravel.

Slow burning and sinister, much like Get Out, The Perfection takes you down a twisty-turny road that will leave you unsure who to route for until the very end. It does so in a full on and shockingly gory manner that will induce a wince or ten. It tackles sensitive – not to mention timely – issues in an extreme and aggressive way, as such it is difficult to watch but you cannot take your eyes off it. This difficulty is not helped by the annoying way the twists are revealed, which takes you out of the moment.

The powerful sense of mystery is helped along by two captivating lead performances by Allison Williams and Logan Browning. They are the perfect foil for one another, with your overriding feelings towards Allison Williams character in Get Out fuelling things further. Not to mention the increasingly unnerving head of the Bachoff Academy Anton and his wife Paloma, played excellently by Steven Weber and Alaina Huffman. The acting really helps bring out the romance, fear, pain, suspicion and revenge running through the film.

Whilst not perfect and quite excessive at times, The Perfection is an engrossing psychological horror with great acting, unexpected turns and a disturbing, but certainly memorable, ending. You will be glad you watched it but the brutality is such that you will not be going back in a hurry.


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