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Directed by Brad Overlord (The Machinist), and chosen by me because the algorithm overlords at Netflix emailed me suggesting it, is the Netflix original thriller Fractured. Husband Ray, wife Joanne and daughter Peri Monroe stop at a garage during a rather long and slightly tetchy thanksgiving drive home. Things take a turn for the worse as Peri falls and fractures her arm with Ray and Joanna rushing her to the nearest hospital. Ray waits in the waiting room whilst Joanne accompanies Peri to get a scan. When Ray asks when they will be finished the receptionist says they were never admitted, and that the only one receiving treatment here is him. From here on in the suspense starts.

The hospital and the staff within have a sinister aura about them reminiscent of Shutter Island, this – along with Anton Sanko‘s tense score – helps feed the mystery and intrigue which is sustained until the big reveal. Despite the predictability of said ending and the fact you seen films of this ilk many a time, Fractured is a pacey and engaging thriller with some good performances. Sam Worthington (Avatar) is at home playing the stressed everyman Ray who finds himself dumped into a maddening situation, which is surprising considering how nondescript he usually is. Lucy Capri’s portrayal of daughter Peri is another highlight, you can see the pain and emotion etched on her young face.

Whilst it may not be groundbreaking and is quite familiar, Fractured is an entertaining thriller full of intrigue which sees you, despite everything, root for Ray till the very end. An end which, unfortunately, you can see coming quite early on.


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