Project Power

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A new drug called power is sweeping through New Orleans and it gives you super powers for five minutes. What the super power is you do not know until you have taken it and by then it could have fatal consequences. All the criminals and ne’er do wells are using it and running rampant throughout the city. Eventually after a spot of coercion, some heart to hearts and emotional flashbacks ex soldier Art (Jamie Foxx) teams up with cop Frank (Joseph Gordon Levitt), and school age dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback) to stop the assorted business men and goons from profiting from the pills and the ensuing societal chaos.

It mashes several genres together – action, fantasy and superhero – and has a down to earth and humane feel. As well as the expected level of spectacle to go with it, with plenty of bloody and bruising fight scenes and an array of interesting X-Men like abilities – from fire to stretch armstrong. The three leads put in a good account of themselves, with by far the best being the scene stealing Dominique Fishback. She is the sparky Robin, a teenage dealer and a dedicated daughter trying to rise above her situation. This is the first thing I have seen her in and I like what I see.

Alas the interesting premise is largely wasted as the further Project Power progresses the more dull and by the book it gets, as was the case with The Old Guard. The possibilities are endless but the plot descends into generic revenge fare, as Foxx is out to rescue his kidnapped daughter and seek vengeance. It is a bland story that sounds airlifted out of many a nameless Steven Seagal B movie. This mediocre Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (both did Paranormal Activity 3 and 4) directed flick is yet another example of wasted promise on Netflix, but at least it has the good grace to be fast and action packed.


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