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Copshop is an old school flick, an explosive action thriller in love with the 70s, Quentin Tarantino and westerns. Most of the film is centred on a police station, where conman Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) ends up after hitting police officer Valerie (Alexis Louder) and begging to be arrested. An odd thing to be doing but when you find out that the drunkard nicked for drunk driving is Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler), one of two hitmen out for his blood it all makes sense. 

A simple premise well executed. It starts off slow but bit by bit the mystery unfolds and the gunshots begin, with the storyline quickly enveloped in a whirlpool of backstabbing, double crossing and cover ups. The plot is a bit stale but director Joe Carnahan keeps your interest by not taking things too seriously, with quippy dialogue, bonkers action and a hilariously madcap ending keeping bums firmly on seats.  

This dark and murky world is populated by violent and amoral individuals, Gerard Butler amongst them – who is rough and ready with a hint of roguish charm, as well as Frank Grillo who fits into his gun toting, rabbit in the headlights role with very little fuss. In between them both is Alexis Louder, a young cop with a strong sense of right and wrong and a deep love for her gun. The star of the show though is Toby Huss’ Anthony Lamb, the second killer after Teddy’s head – he is a hilariously psychotic killer with a quick wit and an itchy trigger finger.  All the best dialogue and funny bits centre on him, including a great rendition of this funk classic by Curtis Mayfield.

A Tarantino esque, 70s action thriller that was way better than I was expecting – a fun, over the top spectacle whose entertainment value makes you forget its flaws.


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