Ghost Cult Magazine Review Round up – February ’23

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Here’s the latest batch of reviews I’ve done for Ghost Cult Magazine, enjoy.

The Subways – Uncertain Joys

For their latest album Uncertain Joys, English rock group The Subways added synthesisers and cheery pop melodies to their otherwise no frills indie rock to great effect. 

Black Star Riders – Wrong Side of Paradise

Thin Lizzy offshoot Black Star Riders have been at it ten years, and their latest album is another reliable dose of good time rock n roll replete with anthemic riffs and sunny choruses. 

Delain – Dark Waters

Dutch group Delain have produced a bombastic, unapologetically huge, slice of symphonic metal with their seventh album Dark Waters

Those Damn Crows – Inhale/Exhale

Inhale/Exhale continues Those Damn Crows burgeoning reputation, with an accomplished offering of burly, post grunge influenced hard rock with arena ready choruses.

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