The Answer – Sundowners

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Despite making some stellar music The Answer have always been rock’s nearly men. They made waves with their debut Rise in 2005, winning best new band at the Classic Rock awards and amassing plaudits and well known fans, like Joe Elliot and Jimmy Page, aplenty. They have supported the likes of Deep Purple and Paul Rodgers, went on the Black Ice tour with AC/DC, and released a string of good albums from Everyday Demons and Revival in ‘09 and ‘11 to the hard rock swagger of New Horizon in ‘13. Despite all this they never achieved their place in the sun and took a break shortly after the folksy Solas in ‘16.

They have come back 7 years later sounding rejuvenated on their new album Sundowners. The title track is an atmospheric reintroduction, with a mystical, Led Zeppelin like groove before the delightful Black Keys style, boogie woogie of ‘Blood Brother’ really gets the party started. They have returned to their bluesy rock roots and sound like they are having the time of their lives, this seeps through to the music and lends it an assuredness and a Joie de Vivre. The latter of which leaps out at you on ‘Oh Cherry’, a foot tapper with a surf rock style riff.

They manage the difficult feat of playing ’70s style classic rock without it sounding forced or contrite. Fans of Free will appreciate the bluesy swagger and infectious melody of ‘Cold Heart’. There’s a natural flow to the album as well, from the pulsing beat and swirling organs of ‘Get Back On It’ to the fuzzy guitars and irresistible chorus of ‘Want You To Love Me’. This retro flavoured Rock is perfectly suited to Cormac Neeson’s soulful rasp – it’s the perfect foil for the Black Crowes style ‘Livin’ On The Line’, with its joyful melody and sky-high harmonies.

Sundowners is the sound of a band back to doing what they do best, and loving every minute of it. Let’s just hope more people sit up and take notice.


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