Ghost Cult Magazine Review Roundup – May ’23

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Here’s a bumper round up of my latest reviews for Ghost Cult Magazine, enjoy. 

Levellers – Together All The Way

Riotous British folk rockers the Levellers splendid new record Together All The Way reimagines numbers from their back catalogue in an acoustic, more traditional folk guise. It is short, sharp and sweet and definitely worth your time.

The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High

New Jersey pop punk veterans have returned with their latest record Ten Stories High. It is their 12th one and they have stuck steadfastly to their tried and tested sound, pacey punk rock with chunky riffs and big choruses. A decent if unbalanced offering. 

Understand – Real Food At Last 

Hailing from Southend, the short lived ‘90s hardcore band Understand are finally back. Originally recorded in ‘98, Real Food At Last is their second album and is a visceral blast of no nonsense heavy rock that packs a good punch

Blood Ceremony – The Old Ways Remain

In The Old Ways Remain Canadian quartet Blood Ceremony have successfully melded jazz, prog rock, pop hooks and folkish melancholia to their woozy, psychedelic rock. Think Blues Pills meets Jethro Tull and you wouldn’t be far off. 

Adanowsky – The Fool 

The Fool is the tenth solo album of the multicultural and multi talented Adanowsky. Recorded using vintage equipment, it is warming and soft pop music with a variety of influences, indie, funk, folk and his Latin American roots among them. 

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