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I will be honest I knew next to nothing about this film going in, the sum of my knowledge was that it was South Korean, about class and had an insane amount of hype. Going in blind like this, be it intentional or not, really is the best way to see it as you appreciate the ride more. That being said I will now proceed to tell you a bit about it, it being the genre mashing Parasite directed by Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, Okja).

We follow the Kims, a poor family scrabbling for wifi and money, who via luck, cunning and conniving manage to get jobs with the rich Park family. Their new employers the Parks live on the opposite spectrum of society, cushy jobs, a cushy house and a considerable amount of money. The Kim’s new circumstances are agreeable and their outlook good, but this does not last as things quickly turn sour.

It may take awhile to get going but when it does it is an immersive piece of cinema that has a lot to say about class, capitalism and society. Bong Joon Ho does this by criss-crossing many genres with consummate ease; intense drama, dark comedy, restless thriller and satire are all melded together into one gripping whole. Much like The Perfection the twists and turns are swift and unexpected, both fate and fortune turn on a sixpence, leading to a climatic and eventful ending which no one comes out of smelling of roses.

Cho Yeo-jeong who plays the gullible mother Choi Yeon-gyo, Park So-dam who is the intelligent daughter Kim Ki-jeong and Choi Woo-shik who is the cunning son Kim Ki-Woo are great, hell everyone is to be honest as no one puts a foot wrong.

A gripping and elegantly made genre bending film with a lot to say about capitalism and the world at large. It comes wholeheartedly recommended and now after its unexpected Oscar wins more than a handful of cinemas in the U.K. might actually start showing it.


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