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Every month or so I will compile a list of songs – new, recent and oldies that have passed me by – that I’ve heard on spotify, the radio and the internet that have had me nodding my head and pressing replay. Songs that have been on my radar and added to playlists.

BROS – ‘Never Gonna Stop’

No, not that god awful cheese fest from the 80s but a pop, rock n soul duo from Canada made up of Ewan and Shamus Currie from The Sheepdogs – a rock band also from the great white north. ‘Never Gonna Stop’ is the single from their upcoming album Vol. 2, out July 16th, and if this irressistible slice of Bill Withers meets The Night Flight Orchestra pop is anything to go by we are in for a treat.

The Night Flight Orchestra – ‘Burn For Me’

Talking of such, those Swedish lovers of AOR, classic rock and the 80s The Night Flight Orchestra this month released the ultra jolly ‘Burn For Me’. With a motown like drumbeat, an arena sized chorus, and a bouncy riff from the pages of Boston, Foreigner and Toto this cheery tune is impossible to hate. Now all you need is a sunny day and a beer.

The Killers – ‘Dustland ft. Bruce Springsteen’

The Killers teamed up with their idol Bruce Springsteen to re-record ‘A Dustland Fairytale’ – a fan favourite from their third album Day and Age, released in 2008. After seeing The Killers’ set at Glastonbury, Bruce texted Brandon Flowers last year suggesting they record Dustland together. After initial scepticism he found out the text was genuinely from the boss and the end result is finally upon us. Its every bit as big, bombastic and emotive as you expect from these two and all the better for it. It does not reinvent the song, just give it a new coat of polish.

Alice Merton – Vertigo

This first came to my attention via a spotify advert, so the annoying interruptions are sometimes worthwhile. Alice Merton is a German born but multi national singer songwriter whose debut single ‘Roots’ in 2016 broke into the top ten in Austria, Germany and Italy and sold bucket loads worldwide. After her poppy debut album Mint two years ago comes single ‘Vertigo’, three minutes of taut alt rock that bristles with energy.

Van Morrison – Wavelength

This one is an oldie that passed me by until I heard it on radio caroline. I do not know anything about Van aside from ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and that he is now fond of spouting lockdown and Covid conspiracies. Once upon a time the cantankerous musician made lauded albums like Astral Weeks and chart topping singles, with this the title track from his 1978 album. It is a light and airy serving of rock with a whiff of soul and early Bruce Springsteen about it.

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