Amyl and the Sniffers @ Rock City, Nottingham – 05/06/22

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Rowdy Australian punk rockers Amyl and the Sniffers stopped off at Rock City, Nottingham as part of their UK and European tour. The venue was packed to the rafters, such is the vociferous support they have garnered in their 6 year and 2 album career thus far. 

The night was started off in an odd fashion by the one woman support act Billy Nomates. Armed with a laptop and a microphone, she bounded around the stage singing to pre-recorded tracks with gusto. She had a good voice and a captivating stage presence but it felt a bit cold, and came across like karaoke. Despite this she went down very well with the locals, so I’m firmly in the minority.

Afterwards Amyl and the Sniffers came on and were unfortunately hampered by mic problems for the first 3 to 4 tracks. A stagehand scurrying to and fro and a bit of tape and things were running smoothly, and they were at their raucous and rambunctious best. They blasted through songs from both of their albums, including the rumbling bass of ‘Guided By Angels’, the short but sweet ‘Freaks to the Front’, and the amped up plea to be let in a pub ‘Security’.

From the primal chants of ‘I Got You’ to the insidiously catchy ‘Maggot’ they whipped the crowd up into a frenzy, with plenty of argy bargy and crowd surfing up the front. Lead singer Amy Taylor bounced, gyrated and head banged around the stage with enough energy to put Tigger to shame. The heavy, lightly AC/DC inspired ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’ was a highlight, particularly the explosive guitar solos courtesy of Dec Mehrtens

Rounding off the night with personal favourite ‘Hertz’ amongst others, but alas no encore, these Australian live wires put on one hell of a show.


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