The Playlist Vol. 5

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Here’s the latest of batch of songs, mostly new, some old, that I have been playing recently – hope you enjoy.

Royal Republic – Diggin’ It

Swedish rockers Royal Republic who, after 2019s wondrously happy record Club Majesty, are fast becoming one of my favourites are back with new single ‘Diggin’ It’. As is their signature style, ‘Diggin’ It’ is a ridiculously catchy number with choppy guitars, a campy sense of fun and sky high hooks that will not leave your head. These chaps certainly know their way around a hook.

Suggs & Paul Weller – OOH DO U FINK U R

He of Madness fame and the modfather himself have long wanted to collaborate, and they finally have on ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’. It is a short and snappy track over in two and a half minutes with a strong ’60s vibe, it is a bit flat on first listen but its horn laced charms will grow on you.

Clutch – We Strive For Excellence

Another sub 3 minute one for, The American masters of hard rock Clutch are back with new single ‘We Strive For Excellence’. It is done in the Maryland quartet’s inimitable style, strong vocals and storytelling lyricism to the tune of chunky guitars and a driving beat – it’s a goodun but it’s Clutch so that’s a given.

Pixies – There’s A Moon On

I do not know much about the American Alt Rockers Pixies outside of their hits ‘Debaser’, ‘Where Is My Mind’ and ‘Here Comes Your Man’, but I heard this on the radio recently and it stuck with me. ‘There’s A Moon On’ is a moody number with crunchy guitars, an enchanting sense of doom and slightly daft lyrics (“make a cock and cock a doodle do”) from their new record Doggerel, which sees the light of day in September.

Megadeth – We’ll Be Back

Megadeth are back and they are angry!  ‘We’ll Be Back’ is the first single from their forthcoming album The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead – their 16th and due out in September, with the scandal ridden David Ellefson booted out and his parts re-recorded by Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio. It is a frenetic slab of thrash metal, with some furious riffage, war based lyrics spat by Mustaine and breakneck solos. Happily they have got Super Collider out of their systems, and have gone back to Endgame esque brutality.

Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues

Now for something old school from Eddie Cochran, the 50s rock icon who passed away too soon. On the journeys to and from work recently I kept hearing The Who‘s version from their Live at Leeds album on the radio, a decent, raucous cover but not a match for foot tapping original released back in 1958. 

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