The Playlist Vol. 3

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I hope you have all had a very merry Christmas, are still gorging on chocolates and alcohol, and are looking forward to a – England aside – restricted news years eve. As with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, here is a list of songs I have been digging recently, both new and old. So hide away the naff festive music for another year and enjoy. 

10cc – ‘Art For Art’s Sake’

As before I start the list with an oldie I heard on Radio Caroline the other day. 10cc Were hit machines back in the ‘70s and, despite never really listening to them, I know a surprising amount; ‘Dreadlock Holiday’, ‘Rubber Bullets’, ‘The Things We Do for Love’ and ‘I’m Not in Love’ to name but a few. ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ is a funky, rock n roll jam with a wondrous use of cowbell from their fourth album How Dare You!

Sam Fender – ‘Pretending That You’re Dead’

Catching up on albums I have missed recently I gave English singer-songwriter Sam Fender’s new one a go. Seventeen Going Under is his second album and has garnered critical applause, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised – it is a ruminative look back at his life and upbringing to the tune of Bruce Springsteen inspired, melodic indie rock. The title track is worth a go as well. 

Santana – ‘Santana Celebration’

The Mexican born guitar maestro Carlos Santana‘s new record Blessings and Miracles was released in October and, like his hit albums Supernatural (‘99), Shaman (‘02) and All That I Am (‘05), it features a menagerie of differing stars and styles all infused with his irrepressible brand of Latin rock.  From Rob Thomas – he from ‘Smooth’ – and Kirk Hammett to G-Eazy, Diane Warren and Corey Glover to name a few. This track is a foot tapping instrumental and my favourite from the album.

Volbeat – ‘Wait a Minute My Girl’

‘Wait a Minute My Girl’ is a short but oh so sweet slice of joyous rock n roll from the Danish rockers eighth album Servant of the Mind, which successfully continues their Metallica meets ‘50s rockabilly sound. It is a great album that is equal parts heavy and radio friendly, with the thrash metal of ‘Say No More’, ‘Dagen Før’s sweet melodies and the doom laden ‘The Devil Rages On’ good tasters of the record.

W.E.T. – Big Boys Don’t Cry

Those with a weak disposition, hate cheese and like their music serious and Radiohead-like look away now. W.E.T. are a melodic rock band from Sweden, and this glam metal number with an insidious, sky high chorus is from their fourth album Retransmission. It ain’t new, novel or a masterpiece but Retransmission contains some right bangers that Giant would be proud of.

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